Buying A Beautiful BC Home? The A-Z Of A BC Home Hunter!

(July 22, 2014 )

Envisioning Your Beautiful BC Home?
Buying a home anywhere, especially in our Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley markets is probably the biggest emotional and financial decision you will ever make. You can ensure that you have a leg-up on other buyers by investing the time to learn about the process of home buying up front. 

Our passionate real estate team members at THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP live and breathe very little else but real estate and customer services so don’t hesitate to call or email any time.

Our BC HOME HUNTER GROUP’s Truth About Real Estate course will cover the basics of buying a home in Metro Vancouver and provide you with the fundamentals to get your home search off on the right foot.

Are You Financially Ready?
Before you begin shopping for a home anywhere in the lower mainland or British Columbia, it is important to know how much you are willing and can afford to spend on your next home. You will want to plan ahead for the various expenses related to home ownership in addition to purchase cost, including heating, property taxes, strata fees, home maintenance, and renovation, as required.

One of our phenomenal industry partner mortgage brokers or mortgage specialists can help you make sense of the numbers and will do a detailed analysis of your finances (usually free of charge) to figure out the amount of mortgage that you qualify for. Much as how all Realtors are not created equal in terms of their skill, attention to detail, knowledge of the market, and ability to effectively communicate with their clients, the same applies to mortgage brokers. Our partnerships with our award winning local mortgage brokers represent dozens of institutions ensures that you will always have access to the best financing rates from industry-leading professionals with a range of funding options.

By arranging your mortgage financing before starting your home search, you allow our real estate team to be able to negotiate your purchase offers on equal footing with all-cash buyers - there will be no uncertainty about how much home you can really afford. Home sellers will have added confidence in your bid as a result, and will be far more willing to accept your offer - especially when confronted with bids from multiple buyers. Before meeting with a broker, here are some resources that will help give you an approximate idea of your affordability in our current market:
Which Beautiful BC Home Is Right for You?

Once you have a good idea about your finances, you'll need to think clearly about the type of home you'd like to buy.

To help you get started, "BC DREAM HOME HUNTER" wish list will help you consider what features you are ideally looking for in your next home. Knowing where you are willing to draw the line between "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" in your new home is often a complicated process. Our real estate sales manager (Realtor) Mandeep Sendher is a powerhouse of information with the precise skills and experience that will able to help you sort out what you really need in your next home - versus what you would really like - and help you map out a realistic vision for the home of your dreams on the budget of your reality. By investing this time up front with our sales team, you will be surprised by just how much heartache you will save in the long haul.

Searching for Your Dream Home

Once you have a good idea about your finances and "must-haves" for your new home, you'll need to shift your focus towards searching out that one home that best balances your wants and needs, without blowing the budget.

Online MLS Property Search

Purchasing a home in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley can often be a complicated process, riddled with intense competition from other eager homebuyers. For example, do you know anything about having the oil tank removed from an older home or property? Using the most cutting-edge tools, THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP’s web site searches out the best homes for you in the least amount of time. 

The BC HOME HUNTER Customized MLS Listing Search Engine, allows clients of ours to comb tens of thousands of listings across public MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings, the MLXchange Realtor network, our internal sellers/contact database, unlisted exclusive Realtor listings, and property assignments in a quick, efficient, and thoroughly comprehensive manner.

You could be missing out on dozens of relevant listings each week if you are dependent only on Internet web searches or Realtors with outdated search tools for your data. After all, why limit yourself to sifting through the same listings data that everyone else already has access to? It's strongly to your advantage to work with a professional who's ready, willing, and able to "dig a little deeper" using their broad industry connections and find you those truly exceptional homes!

Ready to become a BC HOME HUNTER now? Use our online MLS Property Search tool to see what homes are currently available for sale in your area.
Looking for a more comprehensive search? Contact our real estate team of experts 24/7 to request Customized 

MLS Listing Search Engine consultation.

The Power of Updated Data
How do you remain one step ahead of the rest on your property search? By our BC HOME HUNTER Real-Time Listings Update service! Harnessing the power of real-time data collection allows us to deliver new listings matching your search criteria direct to your email inbox days before the listings show up on the public MLS ( and other sites. Having the data first allows you to research and view properties miles ahead of the competition!

As part of our constant commitment to ensuring your home buying success, we insist that you are always armed with the most comprehensive facts and information before making any major decisions. From detailed reports with specifications, photos, zoning maps, view corridors, and floor plans, to comprehensive, transparent pricing estimates on your homes of interest, I am only happy to move forward if you are 100% comfortable doing so. This carefully assembled information often overlooked by other agents will empower us to decide whether or not the homes we are seeing are really the best fit for you. When it comes to making the biggest purchase of your life, nothing should be left to chance!

Your Expert Real Estate Team Of Advisors
We are a true real estate TEAM! Our expert skills and obsession with all things real estate and the details means that we are constantly researching and updating our knowledge databases of everything related to real estate in your local community and other markets of importance. We are truly available 7 days per week, 24 hours a day to serve your needs and will do whatever it takes to build and retain your total satisfaction. Real estate is more than a part-time job or even a full-time career - it's a lifestyle and obsession to our passionate team members!

Our unparalleled commitment to our clients and work provides us with the knowledge and insight you need to you steer clear of potentially problematic properties. With leaky condos, community zoning changes, building code revisions abound, the list of pitfalls is seemingly endless. By partnering with a real estate TEAM who "know their stuff" and are never afraid to speak up when something appears awry, you can safeguard yourself with tremendous peace of mind.

As part of this commitment to being your expert real estate advisor, we pledge to never screen your calls and emails through a secretary or assistant. We believe that you deserve the courtesy and respect of dealing directly with your Realtor and team members who knows, understands, and appreciates you - it's as simple as that! We realize that many of your have young children, professional and personal obligations and varying schedules which we will always accommodate. Old fashion customer service and 21st Century technology in business.

Property Viewings and Open Houses
Your time is precious and when it comes to searching for your next home, you shouldn't be inconvenienced unnecessarily. That's why our real estate team always take the time to carefully coordinate our property viewings with Realtors, owners, and tenants based on your schedule and availability. By structuring our home showings back-to-back, we can ensure that we are able to easily and efficiently draw comparisons between similar properties and make the most out of your time.

If you enjoy going to open houses on your own, please continue to go! We will happily provide you with a schedule and detailed information for any properties you're interested in. However, be sure to remember that the open house host is an agent of the seller, and as such, is not necessarily there to serve your best interests. Any facts or information that you share with the seller's agent might be used to your disadvantage at the negotiating table. THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP are very well known, respected and acknowledged real estate experts within our community. Just mention that you are working with our team is like snapping your fingers and we are looking out for your best interests.

Reviewing and Reflecting
After each set of showings we will sit down and debrief to reflect, review, and revise our search criteria as needed. By carefully recapping what we learn at every step, we can ensure that we continue moving your home search in the right direction and get you into the home of your dreams on your schedule.

Preparing the Offer & Negotiating the Deal
Congratulations, you've found a home that you'd be proud to call your own! Before we start the victory celebrations however, we must first convince the sellers that your offer is in everybody's best interests.

Home Purchase Contract
Drafting the Contract of Purchase and Sale can be one of the most technically challenging parts of the home buying process. A poorly written contract can expose you as a buyer to unnecessary risk and liability, including undue financial stress or legal troubles.

Our real estate team and sales manager have significant experience with every manner of home type from condominiums, townhouses, detached homes, acreages, equestrian, development, agricultural, waterfront, you get the picture. As well as ample academic and applied experience drafting and interpreting air-tight contracts. Coupled with our reputation as a meticulous and reliable real estate team, rest assured in knowing that we use only the most up-to-date information and legal advice to protect your interests and bottom line, THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP are Top Negotiators!

Market Evaluation and Contract Negotiation
Regardless of market conditions, you should never have to pay a penny more than fair market value for your dream home. Using comprehensive research alongside practical experience, our team draws upon data from multiple sources and databanks to provide you with a thorough valuation of your dream home. This professional opinion, combined with our significant expert knowledge of local real estate market conditions, construction and development, interior design and countless other variables will allow us to devise a clear negotiation strategy to get you the best home for the least price.

If the initial offer is not accepted by the seller, we will continue to work on getting your desired property by employing counter-offer negotiation strategies. Rest assured that as an honoured client of mine, you will always be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and never coerced into making decisions under high-pressure. Simply put, we are only ever satisfied if you're satisfied. Period.

Completing Your BC Home Hunter Purchase
Good news! Your offer was accepted and you are now in the home stretch of your home purchase! However, what happens in the next few weeks is still crucially important, as any slip-ups or oversights here can still have dire ramifications. Be wary of Realtors who disappear into the shadows once the purchase contract is signed. You deserve the real estate team that is fully committed to standing by you and protecting your interests long after the deal is done. A significant amount of our business comes from our absolutely wonderful life long clients through their referrals and our trademark Robin Hood’s of Real Estate Referral Program.

Access to First-Rate Industry Professionals
Need advice from a seasoned home inspector with in-depth knowledge of building code? Not sure who can help you with moving your furniture at reasonable rates? Unsure about whether a notary or lawyer is the better choice for conveyancing your property title? No need to worry!

Our team has spent years developing a crack-team of industry professionals with a variety of sub-specialties to ensure that your home purchase goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Much as in your choice for our real estate team, why settle for the rest when you can work with the best?

Keeping You One Step Ahead
Many buyers are caught off guard by the incidental costs and considerations associated with buying a home in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, simply because their Realtor ignored the issue. When it comes to incidental costs or otherwise, our compassionate real estate team members strongly believe in the importance of laying out all of the cards up front to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself involved in. You simply can't afford to leave financial, lifestyle, or any other considerations to chance when it comes to a purchase as large as your next home.
Here are some helpful guides to help plan your move into your new home and understand the closing costs you need to complete the purchase transaction.

Ready to Begin Your BC Home Hunter Search?
Why delay? Contact our friendly real estate today. We would love to see how our team can best serve you!

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