Vancouver I Fraser Valley I West Coast I 2022 Major Economic Boom

(October 25, 2021)

Is Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and by default the Sea to Sky corridor, Vancouver Island and the rest of the province poised for a new phase of growth, development and real estate expansion? Recent research shows low unemployment and high job creation could transition the GVRD and region from a protracted period of recovery into a new phase of economic growth.

Reports state that in addition t... read more.

2021 Vancouver Condo Market Is Booming - Sales Up 87 Percent

(October 21, 2021)

THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP - RE/MAX just released its 2021 condominium report, with numbers rebounding and pointing at an incredible year for the Canadian condo market.

The report examined trends and developments in five major cities and many more submarkets over the past year. The key takeaway was that, following a downturn last year, the condo market across the country is seeing a massive resurgenc... read more.

BCHH 2021 Fall Market Real Estate Report: 

(October 20, 2021)

BCHH 2021 Fall Market Real Estate Report:
With a push from COVID, the B.C. property market is reinventing itself.

Exploring four potential BC Real Estate themes: why industrial real estate keeps booming, where British Columbians will work post-pandemic, how that event changed housing patterns, and what First Nations’ rise as developers means for them and for the province's shelter shortage.

Industri... read more.

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