Canada’s Employment Snapshot Isn't As Bleak As Portrayed.

(August 29, 2014)

All government employment and unemployment figures have an effect, often profound, on our lives. Whether it be interest rates, mortgage rates, small, medium business and large corporations  pay rapt attention to them as well as other important economic input. Canada is no different. 

Here in British Columbia unemployment numbers often take a back seat in the media and countless special interest group... read more.

The Truth About Real Estate Report - The Sky Is Not Falling

(August 13, 2014)

The BC Home Hunter Group's Truth About Real Estate Report - The Sky Is Not Falling

As our real estate team of professionals at THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP have been careful to explain and forecast to our clients, the public and other industry partners forever, the sky is not falling and our real estate markets are in no danger. If they ever are our passionate team will be the first to forecast and for... read more.

Modernizing & Updating Your West Coast Home For Sale

(August 08, 2014)

For anyone who's thinking about updating their Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and British Columbia real estate property, it is has become increasingly important to select just the right home décor carefully. This is because home décor and furniture, like fashion, may tend to become reliant on trends. 

If you end up choosing a hip, urban and trendy piece of furniture over a classy one, you may end up... read more.

The Truth About Real Estate - Does Race Really Play A Role?

(August 05, 2014)

Our passionate, compassionate and multi ethnic real estate team at THE BC HOME HUNTER GROUP BCLYFE.COM never shy away from any real estate topic or subject.Our goal is to serve every client, our community and industry with the highest level of performance while never sacrificing our ethics and professional standards. The attached article generated significant heat from both the public, political o... read more.

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