The BC Home Hunter Group - Avoiding A Home Selling Horror Story

(April 03, 2014 )

The BC Home Hunter Group's, Truth About Real Estate -  How To Avoid A Home Selling Horror Story

New home buyers understandably proceed with great trepidation when seriously considering a new property. The internet is rife with horror stories of scamming developers, thoughtless real estate agents, unqualified inspectors and deceiving 'fixer uppers' in utter shambles. But selling homes in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and indeed anywhere in our beautiful British Columbia can be equally terrifying and heartbreaking. If you're selling a home independently or for another home owner, you may want to consider some dangerous actions that could turn a great sale into a horrible tale. Any of the following situations can turn your dream of selling a home into a nightmare.

When You Don't Have the Right to Sell The Home

It may sound obvious, but if you're asked to list, show and ultimately sell a home, make sure the person asking you to do so actually has the authority to sign over the deed, and that you have the authority to act as a middleman. Even if the current occupant is the original home owner, that person’s standing with a financial institution, court of law or government entity could compromise their legal right of possession of the property. Getting in the middle of such debate is a sure-fire way to turn your selling experience sour.

When You Don't Arrange Viewings Ahead of Time

This one also applies to anyone selling a property on behalf of another home owner. There are plenty of stories of prospective buyers who are thrilled by private viewings or open houses, until they awkwardly walk in on the current residents, perhaps during an intimate moment or in a private space such as the bathroom. Even if the viewing is arranged before-hand, it never hurts to show up early and loudly announce your arrival to avoid any embarrassing situations.

When You're Not Wary of Who's Viewing the Home

Whether through an open house or a private showing, don't always assume the best intentions of would-be buyers. Theft from homes for sale is a common occurrence, and it might happen right under your nose. For your own safety, you may want to arrange for someone else to show the home with you. If that's not an option, make sure you have a cell phone in your pocket and proceed with caution, no matter how 'safe' the browsers may seem. Keep valuables out of view and - ideally - locked away during open houses, or encourage the home owners to store smaller valuables off-site through the sales process.

When You List the Home Incorrectly

There's no better way to get in a quarrel with potential buyers than making errors - glaring or otherwise - in your original listings. Simple errors like uploading photos from an incorrect listing, omitting important details like the proximity to major roads or developments or misquoting the assessed value could cause major headaches down the road when you start negotiating with potential buyers. Errors that may seem obvious - like an extra zero in the price - could seriously confuse or mislead prospective clients, and you could lose more than a potential sale; bad reviews will follow serious errors in online and print listings.

Selling a home in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and our beautiful British Columbia is no easy task. At the best of times, it can be stressful and complicated, while at the worst of times it can resemble a horrific nightmare.  It can be a rewarding experience, as long as you know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into. Many independent sellers, though, don’t have the intricate knowledge and experience needed to make the process go smoothly. 
Not all Realtor's or Real Estate Team's are created equal which is why having a true championship calibre real estate team and marketing group is of paramount important. We have said it countless times, our B.C. real estate market is not a top secret code and contrary to what some might have you believe, it's not magic either. Hiring just any realtor, or a friend regardless of their inexperience or experience is not always the best course of action for a particular home buyer and especially many home and property sellers. 

The BC Home Hunter Group are a truly unique real estate and marketing "team." One which does not base it's success on how many commissions we can collect but on how well we truly serve each and every one of our clients and the communities they and we live in. Whatever direction your moving in our real estate team know your way home.

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