Location, Location, Location Or Access, Access, Access?

(May 22, 2014 )

All three of these important subjects have, are and will continue to have significant cause and effect upon the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley real estate markets. 
Let’s start with Locationomics shall we. By the sheer nature of the GVRD’s growth over the past approximate 20 years (in particular the last 10) we have seen significant negative fallout not the least of which was and is the serious affects that politically pandered social engineering has played. 

Our company has written about the woes of our highways and other transportation and their direct and indirect affect’s on home and property owners, businesses and real estate in general. Not the least of which is Metro Vancouver’s traffic issues earning the moniker of the worst, by design, in North America. 

Location economics is playing a serious role in this gargantuan struggle, left to its own devise the free market will always take care of itself with the inverted peaks ebbing and flowing much like the ocean that surrounds us here on the west coast. 

Supply constraints are much like those same tides, ebbing and flowing with the development of and release of various real estate products for public consumption. 

With Expo 86 came the real beginning of the urban densification changes to downtown Vancouver but it wasn’t until the 1990’s and a definitive social and political choice was made to forever change the face of Vancouver with densification. Not a day goes by but number of cranes is seen to be growing in Metro Vancouver.

The trickledown economics and serious social issues made via the conscious choices and social engineering made by politicians and special interest groups now permeate nearly every aspect of our urban and suburban lives here on Canada’s west coast. 

What does all of the above mean and how does and will it affect you today and tomorrow? That is the multi-billion dollar question. Our real estate team has the answers to those and the other BIG questions for 2014 and beyond. 

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