The Truth About Metro Vancouver Real Estate - Big Ideas 2014

(May 21, 2014 )

Sometime ago Vancouver real estate became somewhat of a blood sport to certain demographics. So it is no surprise to us that certain special interest group driven headlines such as, “Vancouver eyes Microsuites as Chinese Buy up Mansions,”
“Locals increasingly left in the lurch by unfettered market forces,” 
“Vancouverites are Canada’s most risk-prone investors,” and 
“Vancouver house prices pushed by apathetic politicians and offshore demand” are chosen.

Sadly there are some that are in the business of scare tactics, fear mongering or manipulation for their own agendas. We are in the business of providing only the highest quality customer service and performance driven professional real estate services to our clients, period.

Our team has stated many times, real estate, including Metro Vancouver’s, is not rocket science. The deciphering and dissemination of the math and science of real estate is the single most important factor in understanding what has, is and will happen. We love math, it might mess with your head at times but it won’t lie to you. Our real estate team takes that math and applies it within our own complex real estate forecasting model to provide our clients with our “Truth About Real Estate.” 

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We love answering your questions big and small, whatever direction you’re moving in, we know your way home. 

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